It is a policy to handle personal information when registering as a member.

>> When registering as a member, you can properly modify the terms and conditions of the membership.

The open market (hereinafter referred to as the "company") places great importance on the protection of users' personal

information and is doing its best to ensure that users use the company's services (hereinafter referred to as "

openmarket service" or "openmarket") and that their personal information provided to the company online is protected.
Accordingly, the company complies with the privacy regulations and privacy guidelines established by the Ministry of

Information and Communication, including the Communications Secret Protection Act, the Telecommunications Business

Act, and the Information and Communication Network Promotion and Information Protection Act.The company will inform you

of the purpose and method of the personal information provided by users through the personal information protection policy

and what measures are being taken to protect personal information
The company is taking measures to make it easier for users to see the privacy policy by releasing it on the first screen

of its website.

The company's privacy policy may be changed from time to time due to changes in government laws and guidelines or

changes in the company's internal policy, and procedures necessary for continuous improvement of the privacy policy are

established accordingly.In addition, when the privacy policy is revised, the company notifies the company through

openmarket notices seven days before the change in the privacy policy is implemented, and gives the version number

and revision date so that users can easily recognize the revised matters.
Openmarket's privacy policy includes the following.


I. Consent to the collection of personal information
II. Purpose of collection and use of personal information
III. Items and methods of collecting personal information collected by openmarket
IV. Period of possession and use of personal information collected by openmarket
V. Sharing and providing personal information collected by openmarket
VI. Matters concerning the management of users' own personal information (reading, correction, deletion, etc.)
VII. Matters concerning the operation of cookies
VIII. Technical and administrative measures related to personal information
IX. Consignment processing of personal information
X. Matters concerning the collection of opinions related to personal information and the handling of complaints
XI. Matters concerning child information protection
XII. The affiliation, name, and contact information of the person in charge of personal information management and the person in charge of the openmarket
XIII. Naver Customer Center Guide
XIV. Duty of notice


I. Consent to the collection of personal information

The company establishes a procedure for users to click the "agree" button or the "cancel" button on the contents of the company's privacy policy or terms and conditions of use, and when they click the "agree" button, they are deemed to have agreed to collect personal information.

II. Purpose of collection and use of personal information

by matters such as names, resident registration numbers, etc. included in the relevant information
Information (including information that can be easily combined with other information, even if this information alone cannot identify a particular individual).

Most openmarket services are available at any time without a separate user registration.However, the company will provide membership services (login-based services such as mail, Naver phone, cafe, blog, desktop, photo album, MyStock, etc.) and
Through Junior Naver and ArcRoad, we collect user personal information to provide users with more improved quality services, including customized services.

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