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Standard Terms and Conditions No. 10028
(2012. 9. 20. Revised)


Article 1 (Purpose) These terms and conditions stipulate basic matters concerning electronic financial transactions between OO Bank (hereinafter referred to as "bank") and customers, thereby promoting the rapid and efficient processing of transactions and reasonably adjusting the interests of the parties to the transaction.


Article 2 (Definition of Terms) The meanings of terms used in these terms and conditions are as follows.

    1. The term "customer" means a customer who uses electronic financial transactions.
    2. The term "electronic financial transaction" means a transaction in which a customer directly uses inquiries, deposits, 

       withdrawals, account transfers, etc. provided by a bank through electronic means.
    3. The term "electronic means" means an automatic teller machine, automatic teller machine, computer, telephone, debit card 

       transaction terminal, or other electronic device used to process electronic financial transactions.
    4. he term "transaction order" means that a customer requests the bank to process individual electronic financial transactions 

       under a contract on electronic financial transactions.
    5. The term "payer" means a holder of an account in which funds are withdrawn from electronic financial transactions (hereinafter

       referred to as "withdrawal account").
    6. The term "recipient" means the title holder of the account in which funds are deposited through electronic financial transactions

       (hereinafter referred to as "deposit account").
    7. The term "account transfer" means that a bank withdraws funds from a specific account and deposits them into an account of

       the same bank or another bank in accordance with the payer's transaction instructions.
    8. The term "account transfer by reservation" means that the customer instructs the transaction in advance so that the account

       transfer is made on a specific date in the future, and the bank processes it on that date.
    9. The term "account remittance" means that a customer deposits funds into the account of himself or another person through an

       automatic withdrawal and withdrawal machine.
    10. The term "business day" usually refers to the day when a bank operates normally in a store.
    11. The term "means of access" means cards, certificates, passwords, user numbers, etc. necessary for instructing transactions

        through the method of electronic financial transactions.

Article 3 (Applicable Transactions) These terms and conditions apply to the following electronic financial transactions made between the bank and the customer.